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Review: Lucas Brooks’ Cootie Catcher

Two months ago I wrote about Lucas Brooks’ one man show Cootie Catcher. I also promised a review of said show two months ago. So what took me so long???  Weeeell what happened was……. I missed not one but TWO chances to see the show during its New York run. Luckily, Lucas brought a stripped down abbreviated version to Catalyst Con East, and I made sure I was front row center.

Before beginning the show, Lucas apologized for the lack of music and mini dance breaks (cut due to time constraints) which I was sad to be missing out on, but I’ll tell you now, those things would have only served to make an awesome performance even more so. Even in its stripped down form, Cootie Catcher was thought provoking and engaging. Lucas shares his extensive sex life and his inevitable brushes with STIs with a wink and an impish smile. Using his handy dandy “cootie catcher”, the origami fortune teller we played with as kids, and a little audience participation, he sets up each tale of sex, suspicion, and trips to the clinic. His stories touch on things that many of us have gone through, such as the shame that surrounds having or fearing you have an STI or dealing with ones sexual partner or partners once you’ve received or sometimes not received the dreaded call. They remind us that STIs are like any other illness. Something we all need to remember.

Lucas Brooks entertains and educates while working to remove the stigma that surrounds STIs one story at a time. If you are lucky enough to be in one of the towns Cootie Catcher will be visiting this summer (see below), don’t miss your chance to see an amazing show. If you can’t make it out to a show but want to support Lucas’ amazing work check out his tour fund raiser on Fund What You Can.

Cootie Catcher Tour Schedule

May 13-26:

Orlando International Fringe Festival

June 1-12:
Festival St-Ambroise Fringe de Montreal/Montreal Fringe Festival

July 1-12: 
Toronto Fringe Festival

August 13-23:
Edmonton International Fringe Festival

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