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Meet February’s Featured Sponsor, Njoy Toys!

I have spoken about NJoy countless times on Sex Ed. A Go-Go. Any time we get a question about g-spot stimulation or squirting someone on the Pussy Posse name drops the Pure Wand. When I received my very first NJoy, one faithful Valentines day a few years ago, the delight I felt when I opened that pink satin lined box was indescribable. For a sex geek like me receiving an NJoy toy is comparable to receiving a diamond bracelet. Diamonds are great, but you can’t fuck yourself silly with them. Seriously. They’re that good. So of course I’m stoked that NJoy is sponsoring our first show of 2017.

That’s right, one of you lucky lovelies will win a shiny new Njoy Fun Wand of your own to take home on February 25th!!

To learn more about NJoy and their amazing toys visit NJoyToys.com.

Meet February’s Special Guest, Ericka Hart!!!

Ericka Hart is a celebrated activist, writer, speaker and sexuality educator with a Master’s of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University. Ericka’s voice, erudite and rooted in cutting-edge thought leadership around human sexual expression as inextricable to overall human health and its intersections with race, gender, chronic illness, and disability, remains both radical and relatable, pushing well beyond the threshold of sex positivity.

You can meet Ericka and the rest of the Pussy Posse at Otto’s Shrunken Head on February 25th!!!

NEXT SHOW!!! Saturday, February 25th SEAGG’s First Show of 2017!!

Welcome to New York’s ONLY sex positive and body positive live talk and variety show hybrid, hosted by the indomitable Dirty Lola, a sex educator, storyteller, and sex toy peddler who has made her name making sex education fun and empowering.

Sex Ed A Go Go is the perfect place for adults to ask frank questions and hear raw and real conversation about bodies, fetishes, relationships, and other sex-related subjects from sex education and sex industry professionals. Grab a friend and join Lola and her Pussy Posse at Otto’s Shrunken Head to get your questions answered and check out New York’s finest burlesque and go-go dancers all at the same time!
Get empowered, get sexy, and get going–live in New York City!!!

Join Dirty Lola and crew as they kick off Sex Ed A Go-Go’s first show of 2017!! This month Ericka Hart and Foxy Squire will be returning to the Pussy Posse and they’re bringing allll the #BlackGirlMagic.

Get Your Tickets Now! 

$10 Early Bird

$15 At The Door

2 Drink Minimum

Make sure you have lots of singles for our giver of go-go goodness, Foxy Squire, and for our awesome raffle sponsored by Njoy and Uberlube!!!

SEAGG The Podcast Episode #028: The Fuck-It List Show

We celebrated our 3rd Anniversary in November! It was a silly night filled with pizza, funfetti vulvas, and classy dick balloons. We celebrated three years of talking about sex, life, and everything in between. It was a great night filled with ridiculousness. On this episode of Sex Ed A Go-Go, Lola and the crew chat about blocking douche bags on OkCupid, the ghosts of fuckboys past, nude selfie 101, the madness of Cards Against Humanity, their funniest sex moments, nipple banding, exploding watermelons, and who’s on their Fuck-it list.

You can find Hannah Abney on Twitter, @Hannahabney650

You can find Joie Nouveau on Twitter, @Julia_Neveu8


Meet November’s Special Guest, Hannah Abney!!


Hannah Abney is a comedic actress who tells it like it is. Originally from California, she moved to New York to pursue her dream of finding a land where pizza folds, balding stock brokers run rampant, and the city itself has a summer scent: swamp ass. While learning to jaywalk, she also received training in acting for film and TV at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. She performs stand-up around the city and is currently producing her new web series, ‘Handsy with Hannah’, where she asks New Yorkers how they masturbate.

You can meet Hannah and the rest of the Pussy Posse at Otto’s Shrunken Head on November 3rd!

NEXT SHOW!!! Thursday, Nov. 3rd It’s Sex Ed A Go-Go’s 3rd Anniversary!


Do you like sex, go-go dancing and funny ladies with amazing cleavage? Then you should definitely join us for the next installment of Sex Ed. A Go-Go at Otto’s Shrunken Head!!!

Sex Ed. A-Go-Go is one part ADULT sex Q & A; one part go-go revue. Once a month Dirty Lola and The Pussy Posse take the stage to openly and honestly answer your anonymous questions about sex, sexuality, and relationships in a fun and entertaining way. In between the sex talk we showcase some of NY’s hottest go-go and burlesque performers doing their thing.

Join us at Otto’s Shrunken Head, and get ready to be educated and titillated by Dirty Lola and the Pussy Posse!!

IT’S OUR ANNIVERSARY!!!! Sex Ed. A Go-Go is turning THREE this month and we’re going to celebrate by doing what we do best!!! So get ready to be educated and titillated by Dirty Lola and the Pussy Posse!! This month we will be joined by comedian Hannah Abney and Joie Nouveau will be giving you the shimmy and shake! We’re going to talk about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING your sexy little hearts (and loins) desire!!


$7 Early Bird (BUY TICKETS HERE )

$10 At The Door

2 Drink Minimum

Make sure you have lots of singles for our giver of go-go goodness Joie Nouveau, and for our awesome raffle sponsored by Womanizer and Uberlube!!!