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NEXT SHOW!!! Thursday, Nov. 3rd It’s Sex Ed A Go-Go’s 3rd Anniversary!


Do you like sex, go-go dancing and funny ladies with amazing cleavage? Then you should definitely join us for the next installment of Sex Ed. A Go-Go at Otto’s Shrunken Head!!!

Sex Ed. A-Go-Go is one part ADULT sex Q & A; one part go-go revue. Once a month Dirty Lola and The Pussy Posse take the stage to openly and honestly answer your anonymous questions about sex, sexuality, and relationships in a fun and entertaining way. In between the sex talk we showcase some of NY’s hottest go-go and burlesque performers doing their thing.

Join us at Otto’s Shrunken Head, and get ready to be educated and titillated by Dirty Lola and the Pussy Posse!!

IT’S OUR ANNIVERSARY!!!! Sex Ed. A Go-Go is turning THREE this month and we’re going to celebrate by doing what we do best!!! So get ready to be educated and titillated by Dirty Lola and the Pussy Posse!! This month we will be joined by comedian Hannah Abney and Joie Nouveau will be giving you the shimmy and shake! We’re going to talk about EVERYTHING and ANYTHING your sexy little hearts (and loins) desire!!


$7 Early Bird (BUY TICKETS HERE )

$10 At The Door

2 Drink Minimum

Make sure you have lots of singles for our giver of go-go goodness Joie Nouveau, and for our awesome raffle sponsored by Womanizer and Uberlube!!!

Meet October’s Go-Go Goddess, Mandarine Moon-Fly!!


Known as the “Hidden Treasure” of Burlesque, Mandarine Moon-Fly is a graduate of Brown Girls Burlesque Broad Squad Institute and has trained with the New York School of Burlesque. Mandarine Moon-Fly is the Co-producer and Co-Founder of SETS in the CITY, a monthly comedy, burlesque, and art experience!

Be sure to catch Mandarine’s return to the Pussy Posse on Thursday, October 6th at Otto’s Shrunken Head!!