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SEAGG 016: Our 2nd Anniversary Show! – Sex Ed A. Go-Go


Force of nature, sex educator, and Whitney Houston enthusiast, Ericka Hart, and the bubbling brown sugar of burlesque, Essence Revealed, joined Lola on stage this month!

We almost let it slip by, but Lola and the Double P managed to put on a worthy anniversary show at Otto’s Shrunken Head on November 5th. Fabulous ladies and penis balloons, how could we go wrong?

Lola and the crew chat and sing about the awesomeness of lube (bring it Ronda Rousey!), negotiating threesomes and being a good third wheel, the virtues of the new rechargeable Magic Wand, and the best masturbation toys on the market. Did I mention there’s singing??

Podcast: Download (56.5MB)

You can find Ericka on Twitter: @iHartEricka

You can find Essence online: http://theessencerevealed.com/

SEAGG 015: The Cozy Show– Sex Ed. A Go-Go


Sexual empowerment coach and co-hostess of the Sex Gets Real podcast, Dawn Serra, and the Intellectual Homosexual himself, Lucas Brooks AKA Lucky Charming, joined Lola on stage this month.

As Joaquin threatened to drench NY Lola and the Double P rallied to put on an awesome show at Otto’s Shrunken Head. The crowd may have been small on October 1st, but a great time was had by all. Lola and the crew chat about the not so awesome female arousal pill AKA Lady Viagra, fear of Queening, hot sex for all bodies, and Dawn shares her Sacred Intimate experience. Dawn also shares the scariest thing we’ve ever heard, but you’ll have to listen till the end to hear it.

You can find Dawn at DawnSerra.com

You can find Lucas Brooks AKA Lucky Charming at http://www.intellectualhomosexual.com/

SEAGG 014: The Katie Mack Attack Show – Sex Ed. A Go Go

Lola and the Double P took over the stage at Otto’s Shrunken Head on September 3rd. Co-hostess of the Carnalcopia podcast and all around badass Katie Mack and our favorite giver of go-go goodness Sweet Lorraine joined Lola on stage. Katie and Sweets were officially inducted into the Pussy Posse, (Pussy Tickles Ya’ll!! ) and they discuss the importance of celebrating your birthday month.

They also chat about feminist Doms, Fap Fest 2015, where to find sex parties in NY, and how to get down and do you thing safely. Oh! There’s also singing. Lots of singing. Sorry (We’re not really sorry. It was awesome!)

You can find Katie on Twitter: @ThatKatieMack

You can find Sweet Lorraine on Twitter: @SweetLorraineNY

SEAGG 013: The “Blame it on the Parrot” Show – Sex Ed. A Go Go

Lola and the Pussy Posse took over the stage at Otto’s Shrunken Head on August 6th! Double P alumni, Francisco Ramirez and Foxy Squire returned to the show this month, and reminded us why we love having them on as often as we can. We came up with the official greeting of the Pussy Posse (we’re calling it the pussy tickle), and Lola and Francisco discover the power of drinking rum out of ceramic parrots. We also discussed deep throating techniques and proper etiquette for talking to your partners about STIs.

We had a crazy fun time. In the words of Francisco “Blame it on the parrot.”

You can find Francisco on Facebook and at franciscoramirez.com

You can find Foxy on Facebook.


SEAGG 012: The Kinky Tiki Luau Show – Sex Ed. A Go Go


The double P gained three new members this month when the owners of Shag Brooklyn, Sam and Ashley AKA the Shag Gals, and go-go goddess Ooh LaLoba joined us on stage.

We kicked off the Fourth of July weekend with a kinky tiki party. We discussed getting your groove back after your long term relationship goes sour and counterfeit sex toys on Amazon. We also had a little fun with Katie Mack of the Carnalcopia podcast, a TENS unit, and a word of the day. It was a great night and best of all everyone got lei’ed.

Lola and the Pussy Posse took over the stage at Otto’s Shrunken Head on July 2nd!

You can find Sam and Ashley on Facebook and you can check out Shag Brooklyn here:http://shop.weloveshag.com/

You can find Ooh LaLoba on Facebook.

SEAGG 010: The Tribbing and Strap-On Show – Sex Ed. A Go Go


We took over Otto’s Shrunken Head on May 7th and brought The Frisky Fairy into the Pussy Posse and welcomed back Sweet Lorraine for some extra sweet go-go action! We discuss how Millennials are constantly ruining and complicating things by taking, super simple scissoring, and making it into something called “tribbing”. Millenials. Also, we host a bit of strap-on show n’ tell, and the boys… they hijack the show!

Also, I am the Stewart Smalley of Sex Ed. Consent is Magic.

You can find Frisky Fairy on Twitter and at FriskyFairy.com!

You can find Sweet Lorraine on Twitter and at SweetLorraineBurlesque.weebly.com!

SEAGG 009: The Foreskin, How Does It Work? Show – Sex Ed. A Go-Go

Sex Ed. A Go-Go once again takes over over Otto’s Shrunken Head and invites The Domster and Wali from the I’m Black He’s White podcast and awesome Bonita Boogie into the Pussy Posse! We have a long and hard conversation about the honest truth about coconut oil, we fall into horrible Marlon Brando impressions, we spend way too much time talking about the butter scene from Last Tango in Paris, and… Fuckin’ Foreskin, How Does It Work?

SEAGG 007: The Anniversary Show! Sticking things in dicks, Sex Prepardness Kits – Sex Ed. A Go-Go

Sex Ed. A Go-Go turns one with a NEW UNRELEASED LIVESHOW with Francisco Ramirez andFoxy Squire! We spoke about pony play…… again, sticking our dicks in things, sticking things in dicks, slaces to fuck outside in NY during the wintertime, sex preparedness kits , refurbishing your long term relationships, learning about sex from HBO, and sex quadrants.

This show originally aired 11/22/2014 and took place at The Parkside Lounge! Thank you to Life on the Swingset for featuring us on their stream to celebrate our release of brand new never heard before (online) Sex Ed. A Go-Go’s now and come July, we’ll release new LIVE shows once a month! Until then, enjoy a new Sex Ed. A Go-Go every week!

SEAGG 006: The Halloween Show! Prostate Massage, STI real talk and the “Internet” with Lucas Brooks and Sophie Delancey – Sex Ed A Go-Go


Sophie Delancey of the Tell Me Something Good Podcast and the Intellectual Homo himself, Lucas Brooks aka “Lucky Charming” join the Pussy Posse for the first time and they wear costumes! Which you can’t see…. Oh well. Sorry. Lola and the double P talk about Snapchat, Dropbox, prostate massage and STI real talk. After a while you won’t even care that you can’t see everyone’s fantastic costumes.