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Meet May’s Special Guest, Mike Joseph!!

Mike Joseph and I are co-workers of sorts. We hang out on the same Life on the Swingset podcast from time to time being silly and talking about sex, geekery, social justice and everything in between.

Mike Joseph is a New York-based freelance writer, cultural critic, DJ, and activist, who has written primarily about music for well over a decade. He hosts the show The Jheri Curl Chronicles on Radio Free Brooklyn (Wednesdays, 10PM-12AM) and also co-hosts the podcast of the same name, which you can find as part of the Blerd Radio family of podcasts on iTunes. More recently, Mike has been appearing as a co-host of the Life on the swing set podcast.

You can meet Mike and the rest of the Pussy Posse at Otto’s Shrunken Head on May 27!!

Meet April’s Giver of Go-Go Goodness, Zyra Lee Vanity!!

Zyra Lee Vanity is a burlesque performer, producer & sexual rights advocate from Toronto, Canada. She has been on the burlesque scene as a performer for four years and in 2016 produced her very first show “The Lemonade Experience” – a sold-out success, with excellent reviews. Zyra Lee Vanity has performed at several festivals including the Las Vegas Burlesque Festival, Toronto Burlesque Festival, and New York Burlesque Festival.

In 2015 she won the Judges Choice Award at the Arizona Burlesque Festival and in 2016 she won the Judges Choice Most Beautiful Award at the AlternaTease Burlesque Festival. In 2016 she also headlined at the Prohibition Exhibition in Seattle, Washington and spoke on the closing keynote town hall at Catalyst Con in Los Angeles, California. Her other speaking engagements have included AVN Expo, Feminist Porn Conference, and Playground Conference. She is a part of Les Femmes Fatales Women of Colour Burlesque troupe and hosts bi-monthly discussion groups on sexuality, gender, and popular culture!

Be sure to catch Zyra’s NY Pussy Posse debut on Saturday, April 22nd at Otto’s Shrunken Head!!

Meet April’s Special Guest, Bastard Keith!!


The first time we had this awesome man on our show it ended up being the best show without an audience we ever had. While that experience was a lot of fun I really hope ya’ll make it out this time because Bastard Keith is glorious.

Bastard Keith is a burlesque MC, singer, writer and gadabout. He is the inventor of “Burletiquette.” With his partner Rosebud, he founded The Sophisticates, the only burlesque show to be thrown out of the Plaza Hotel for indecency. He is the regular MC for DUMBO Burlesque. He hosts frequently at the Slipper Room and appears in various shows throughout New York and worldwide, from Vancouver to Helsinki. He has emceed large events for Vice and Bacardi.

You can meet Keith and the rest of the Pussy Posse at Otto’s Shrunken Head on April 22nd!!

Meet March’s Special Guests, The Coven of Mima Good!!

For the very first time in the history of Sex Ed A Go-Go, we’re going to have a LIVE band performing during the show. That’s right, an entire band will be our special guests and they’ll be accompanying our amazing go-go dancer Joie Nouveau!! This is a moment you won’t want to miss.
The Coven of Mima Good is a 3 piece reclamation of rock-n-roll from its white male predatory gaze; a witch’s battle cry against the patriarchy and other systems of domination.
Check out The Coven of Mima Good and Joie Nouveau on March 25th at Otto’s Shrunken Head!

Meet March’s Diva of the Shimmy and Shake, Joie Nouveau!!

Joie Nouveau is a Boston raised Brooklyn living, dancer/singer/model and Performer with SHAG Playhouse; an immersive, devised, site-specific, feminist, erotic, movement theater company in Williamsburg, NYC. Joie is not selling perfection. Her product is experience and raw talent. Together, we can be beautiful.

Be sure to catch Joie’s return to the Pussy Posse on Saturday, March 25th at Otto’s Shrunken Head!!

Meet February’s Special Guest, Ericka Hart!!!

Ericka Hart is a celebrated activist, writer, speaker and sexuality educator with a Master’s of Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University. Ericka’s voice, erudite and rooted in cutting-edge thought leadership around human sexual expression as inextricable to overall human health and its intersections with race, gender, chronic illness, and disability, remains both radical and relatable, pushing well beyond the threshold of sex positivity.

You can meet Ericka and the rest of the Pussy Posse at Otto’s Shrunken Head on February 25th!!!

Meet November’s Special Guest, Hannah Abney!!


Hannah Abney is a comedic actress who tells it like it is. Originally from California, she moved to New York to pursue her dream of finding a land where pizza folds, balding stock brokers run rampant, and the city itself has a summer scent: swamp ass. While learning to jaywalk, she also received training in acting for film and TV at the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. She performs stand-up around the city and is currently producing her new web series, ‘Handsy with Hannah’, where she asks New Yorkers how they masturbate.

You can meet Hannah and the rest of the Pussy Posse at Otto’s Shrunken Head on November 3rd!