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Meet The Delectable Miss Brownie Pointe!!

Bout Dat Sprinkle Life

Rounding out this month’s Pussy Posse is an amazing woman I met at the Whoopee Magazine release party ( She’s the sexy centerfold in the new issue!!)  Miss Brownie Pointe is a bright and shining beacon of permission for body positivity. She’s going to get her shimmy and shake on and answer your questions……. that’s if your brain is still working after seeing her doing thing.

Miss Brownie Pointe, the sweet treat you have to meet, has been enticing audiences for years. Obtaining immense pleasure from seducing a crowd with her slapstick acts and bodacious curves, Brownie found her way into the New York burlesque scene while looking for a new, body positive creative outlet. Armed with a goofball attitude and her tongue firmly planted in her cheek, Miss Pointe has found her calling… THE STAGE! When her muggle life isn’t keeping her busy, she can often be found showcasing her flair for the comedic side of performance art, with a special love for creating acts related to some of her favorite characters in pop culture including everything from Bill Murray’s infamous role in Caddyshack to the lovable stoner Travis Birkenstock in Clueless. Packing more sass, class, ASS and laughs into 4 minutes, Brownie is challenging the way her onlookers perceive sexuality and size with a demanding level of confidence and an infectious smile to boot!

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