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Meet Our Geeky Kink Event Show Sponsor,NJoy Toys!!!!

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I have spoken about NJoy countless times on Sex Ed. A Go-Go. Any time we get a question about g-spot stimulation or squirting someone on the Pussy Posse name drops the Pure Wand. When I received my very first NJoy, one faithful Valentines day a few years ago, the delight I felt when I opened that pink satin lined box was indescribable. For a sex geek like me receiving an NJoy toy is comparable to receiving a diamond bracelet. Diamonds are great, but you can’t fuck yourself silly with them. Seriously. They’re that good. So you can imagine how stoked I was when NJoy agreed to sponsor our Geeky Kink Event debut.

Producing and hosting a show is hard work. Taking it on the road is even harder. Thanks to NJoy’s generosity and all-around awesomeness, we can afford the trek out to Piscataway, NJ and to feed and house our crew. Taking care of our people is really important to us. This sponsorship made doing so during this trip a million times easier.  Thank you NJoy!!!

To learn more about NJoy and their amazing toys visit NJoyToys.com.

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